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LOIs Current

These organizations have submitted Letters of Intent within the last 3 months for the purpose and amount shown.
as of 2017-12-14
PURPOSE Color Coding: Services Research Education Operation Salaries Building Equipment Food Repairs Scholarships Supplies Transportation WebApp

STATUS Color Coding: Approved Declined Incomplete

Website Organization Status Document Purpose Amount
LOGO About Care 2017-10-20 LOI#17-253 Homebound program expansion into Queen Creek 15,000
LOGO Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation 2017-12-05 LOI#17-303 Support for burn survivor services program 30,000
LOGO All Sports Club 2017-10-16 LOI#17-251 After school program for elementary students 80,000
LOGO Applied Research And Policy Institute 2017-11-21 LOI#17-286 Nevada Poverty and Disability Education project 10,000
LOGO Arc San Francisco 2017-11-01 LOI#17-265 Youth Workforce Dev, Educ and Career Prep Program 50,000
LOGO Arizona Science Center 2017-11-27 LOI#17-289 Create U education pgm for students in grades 6-10 1,500,000
LOGO Aryana Health Care Foundation 2017-10-04 LOI#17-238 Support health care needs for uninsured patients 50,000
LOGO Asian Health Services 2017-11-28 LOI#17-293 Increase access to primary and mental health care 50,000
LOGO Bags4kids Foundation 2017-12-04 LOI#17-302 Purchase items for childrens comfort bags 25,000
LOGO Barrio Logan College Institute 2017-09-20 LOI#17-230 Early Intervention Program for 3-8 grade students 25,000
LOGO Benevilla 2017-09-15 LOI#17-221 Volunteer Home Services program for seniors 25,000
LOGO BioSA Innovation 2017-11-29 LOI#17-296 Equip bioscience laboratory space 200,000
LOGO Blind and Visually Impaired of Monterey County 2017-10-06 LOI#17-243 Support Orientation and Mobility instruction 15,000
LOGO Boys and Girls Club of the Colorado River 2017-10-09 LOI#17-244 Career and Adult Preparation program for teens 35,000
LOGO Boys And Girls Club Of Vista 2017-10-12 LOI#17-248 Transportation to increase kids access to program 30,000
LOGO Boys And Girls Clubs Of Central Arizona 2017-09-19 LOI#17-228 Renovations at Prescott Valley Clubhouse 100,000
LOGO Boys Hope Girls Hope 2017-12-07 LOI#17-307 Academic Assistance Program support 50,000
LOGO Boys to Men Mentoring Network 2017-09-14 LOI#17-218 Expand outreach to additional 150 high-risk boys 25,000
LOGO Boys Town Nevada 2017-11-09 LOI#17-272 Support Continuum of Care program for children 50,000
LOGO Breast And Gyn Health Project 2017-12-12 LOI#17-311 Breast and gyn cancer patient navigation services 36,000
LOGO Bridging Az Furniture Bank 2017-11-28 LOI#17-291 Workshop equipment for Veterans Furniture Project 88,000
LOGO Burn Institute 2017-09-15 LOI#17-222 Emergency Needs and Special Assistance Program 10,000
LOGO California Teaching Fellows Foundation 2017-10-27 LOI#17-261 Care Fund - Dream Initiative for Teaching Fellows 25,000
LOGO Cancer Partners 2017-09-19 LOI#17-227 Specialized nutrition services for cancer patients 20,000
LOGO Cancer Support Community Arizona 2017-11-27 LOI#17-288 CanSurround digital support services program 50,000
LOGO Cancer Support Community San Francisco Bay Area 2017-10-04 LOI#17-237 Construct new campus for healing facility 500,000
LOGO CASA of Humboldt 2017-11-15 LOI#17-277 Increase capacity to serve more children 60,000
LOGO Chicanos Por La Causa 2017-11-16 LOI#17-281 Robotic Lego STEM program for 40 youth 50,000
LOGO Child and Family Resources 2017-09-22 LOI#17-233 Teen parent support program 25,000
LOGO Childrens Institute 2017-12-14 LOI#17-315 Trauma-informed case management and therapy 20,000
LOGO Choose Vibrant Living 2017-11-15 LOI#17-280 Healthcare svcs for uninsured and under insured 50,000
LOGO City Center For Collaborative Learning 2017-12-01 LOI#17-301 Trauma informed education and wellness program 2,000
LOGO Coalition for Compassion and Justice 2017-09-22 LOI#17-232 Support for emergency shelter 40,000
LOGO Comfort Homesake 2017-10-25 LOI#17-258 Develop new No One Dies Alone training module 175,000
LOGO Comprehensive Community Health Centers 2017-11-22 LOI#17-287 Connection to Care program to assess unmet needs 32,000
LOGO Consumer Credit Counseling Service Of Southern NV 2017-09-14 LOI#17-220 Finanaical education for retiring seniors 10,000
LOGO Crisis Response Network 2017-11-09 LOI#17-273 Purchase Trauma Informed Disaster Response Vehicle 150,000
LOGO Crossroads Academy 2017-11-21 LOI#17-285 Am I Ready program for high school students 30,000
LOGO Cystic Fibrosis Research 2017-10-05 LOI#17-239 Cystic Fibrosis Research grant awards 50,000
LOGO Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center 2017-12-14 LOI#17-314 Support for families of deaf and hard of hearing 10,000
LOGO Dogs For Diabetics 2017-11-01 LOI#17-262 Diabetes Buddy Dog Program for children 25,000
LOGO Dress For Success Phoenix 2017-09-18 LOI#17-226 Support for 6 Mobile Career Center Events 10,800
LOGO East Valley Jewish Day School 2017-09-18 LOI#17-224 Support renovation of playground and fitness area 55,000
LOGO El Centrito Family Learning Centers 2017-11-01 LOI#17-264 Literacy Integrated STEAM Academy 40,000
LOGO Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse 2017-12-05 LOI#17-305 Domestic violence crisis intervention program 300,000
LOGO FoodCorps 2017-10-26 LOI#17-260 Nutrition education for 2,000 school-aged children 50,000
LOGO Foundation for Senior Living 2017-10-26 LOI#17-259 Help build new Adult Day Health Services facility 25,000
LOGO Foundation for Service Dog Support 2017-10-23 LOI#17-255 Community Based Service Dog Training Program 25,000
LOGO Friendship Foundation 2017-12-14 LOI#17-313 Upgrade outdated Wellness Center 25,000
LOGO Girl Scouts Of The Sierra Nevada 2017-10-24 LOI#17-257 Low-Income Families and Neighborhoods Program 10,000
LOGO Goodie Two Shoes Foundation 2017-10-20 LOI#17-252 Shoe distribution and Power of Choice assembly 13,500
LOGO Greater Progressive Christian Center 2017-11-13 LOI#17-275 Support Annual Neighborhood Block Party 5,000
LOGO Horses with H E A R T 2017-11-13 LOI#17-274 Rider helmets and safety and facility equipment 5,270
LOGO Hunkapi Programs 2017-11-17 LOI#17-282 Buy horse arena cover for summer operations 90,000
LOGO I Have A Dream Foundation Los Angeles 2017-11-07 LOI#17-268 Sponsor low-income youth throughout entire grades 75,000
LOGO John F Kennedy Memorial Foundation 2017-10-05 LOI#17-241 Team-Mentoring program for at-risk teen girls 10,500
LOGO Lestonnac Free Clinic 2017-11-20 LOI#17-283 Expand Community Referral Network program 50,000
LOGO Lincoln 2017-09-20 LOI#17-231 Support Kinship program for foster care children 20,000
LOGO Literacy Connects 2017-10-16 LOI#17-250 Create Youth Learning Center in Amphi 200,000
LOGO Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association 2017-11-15 LOI#17-278 Subsidized Care Program for low-income residents 10,000
LOGO Midtown Primary School 2017-11-08 LOI#17-270 Afterschool STEAM program for elementary students 13,000
LOGO Mission of Mercy 2017-11-28 LOI#17-292 Support Access to Care Program 52,000
LOGO Mobile Meals Of Tucson 2017-11-30 LOI#17-298 Provide medically tailored meals to homebound 25,000
LOGO New Pathways For Youth 2017-12-01 LOI#17-300 Expand workforce dev prog into two industries 10,000
LOGO Northern Arizona University Foundation 2017-11-29 LOI#17-297 Renovation and construction of laboratories 2,500,000
LOGO Operation Welcome Home Arizona 2017-09-15 LOI#17-223 Resource Center for Arizona Veterans 50,000
LOGO OrthoX Innovation 2017-11-03 LOI#17-266 Support biomechancial study of orthopaedic device 125,000
LOGO Phoenix Collegiate Academy 2017-10-06 LOI#17-242 Beyond The Call campaign 15,000
LOGO Playworks Education Energized 2017-12-11 LOI#17-309 Play program for elementary students 50,000
LOGO Respite Shelter For Homeless Men 2017-11-09 LOI#17-271 Help shelter homeless men upon hospital release 25,000
LOGO Restore Womens Wellness Centers 2017-10-13 LOI#17-249 Mental health care for low-income women 50,000
LOGO Ronald Mcdonald House Charities Of Southern Arizona 2017-09-14 LOI#17-217 Renovate Ronald McDonald Family Room 20,000
LOGO Sacramento District Dental Foundation 2017-12-11 LOI#17-310 Dental svcs for uninsured/underinsured children 20,000
LOGO Secure Parenting 2017-12-12 LOI#17-312 Parent-toddler education program 15,000
LOGO Sepsis Alliance 2017-10-05 LOI#17-240 Sepsis education training for first responders 35,000
LOGO Shade Tree 2017-11-28 LOI#17-294 On site health care at homeless shelter 50,000
LOGO Silicon Valley Faces 2017-11-14 LOI#17-276 Provide Restorative Practices trng to faculty 50,000
LOGO Solano County Computer and Digital Skills Center 2017-09-14 LOI#17-219 Teach computer technology and digital literacy 50,000
LOGO Soroptimist House of Hope 2017-10-24 LOI#17-256 Substance use recovery prog for low-income women 5,000
LOGO Southwest Human Development 2017-11-07 LOI#17-269 Custom designed equipment for disabled children 25,000
LOGO Stand For Children Leadership Center 2017-10-12 LOI#17-247 Family Engagement and Organization program 20,000
LOGO Su Casa Ending Domestic Violence 2017-11-01 LOI#17-263 Childrens program at transitional shelter 30,000
LOGO Sun City West Kiwanis Foundation 2017-09-19 LOI#17-229 Construction of childrens playground 75,000
LOGO Sunny Hills Services 2017-11-29 LOI#17-295 New trauma treatment technique training 25,000
LOGO Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation 2017-10-04 LOI#17-236 Assistance for families of children with cancer 20,000
LOGO Translational Genomics Research Foundation 2017-10-20 LOI#17-254 Biomedical research internships for 7 students 150,000
LOGO Tucson Childrens Museum 2017-11-21 LOI#17-284 Bridging the Learning GAP STEM initiative 17,500
LOGO U S R C A 2017-12-06 LOI#17-306 Expand outreach, operations and developmt capacity 200,000
LOGO University Muslim Medical Association 2017-10-11 LOI#17-246 Clinic expansion project 25,000
LOGO Variety Childrens Charity Of The Desert 2017-11-15 LOI#17-279 Ten adaptive bikes for children with disabilities 10,000
LOGO Wayfinders 2017-11-28 LOI#17-290 Help purchase Tustin Youther Shelter property 100,000
LOGO West County Community Services 2017-12-11 LOI#17-308 Kitchen and culinary training program for youth 50,000
LOGO White Memorial Community Health Center 2017-11-30 LOI#17-299 Case manager for childrens health initiative prog 70,000
LOGO William Sansum Diabetes Center 2017-10-10 LOI#17-245 Fresh food pharmacy program 20,000
LOGO Womenshelter Of Long Beach 2017-09-27 LOI#17-234 Violence prevention program for students 30,000
LOGO Yavapai Humane Society 2017-10-02 LOI#17-235 Intake diversion program 60,000
LOGO Yavapai Regional Transit 2017-12-05 LOI#17-304 Increase serivce from Chino Valley 39,417
LOGO Youth Mentoring Action Network 2017-11-07 LOI#17-267 Mentoring and STEM and music program for youth 25,000
LOGO Yuba Sutter Children with Type 1 Diabetes Support 2017-09-18 LOI#17-225 Diabetes education and advocacy 25,000