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LOIs Current

These organizations have submitted Letters of Intent within the last 3 months for the purpose and amount shown.
as of 2018-07-20
PURPOSE Color Coding: Services Research Education Operation Salaries Building Equipment Food Repairs Scholarships Supplies Transportation WebApp

STATUS Color Coding: Approved Declined Incomplete

Website Organization Status Document Purpose Amount
LOGO American Cancer Society Los Angeles 2018-05-03 LOI#18-119 Schools vs Cancer prevenative education for youth 10,000
LOGO Arizona Ecumenical Council 2018-06-18 LOI#18-148 Expand outreach efforts across Arizona 10,000
LOGO Beacon Of Hope Gospel Rescue Mission 2018-07-16 LOI#18-158 Building materials for new transitional housing 50,000
LOGO Boys and Girls Club of Santa Cruz County 2018-06-28 LOI#18-153 Increase collective capacity to serve youth 50,000
LOGO Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix 2018-05-14 LOI#18-124 Expand Math Hoops program for at-risk boys 25,000
LOGO Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson 2018-06-27 LOI#18-152 Implement homework and tutoring program for youth 10,000
LOGO Boys To Men Tucson Mentoring 2018-06-07 LOI#18-138 School Based Mentoring program for adolescent boys 75,000
LOGO CASA of San Mateo County 2018-05-21 LOI#18-127 Academic support prog for children in foster care 25,000
LOGO Catholic Community Services Pio Decimo Center 2018-07-18 LOI#18-159 Upgrade kitchen facilities 44,000
LOGO Child Crisis Arizona 2018-05-01 LOI#18-116 Expand Kinship Family Support project 40,000
LOGO Childrens Action Alliance 2018-06-25 LOI#18-150 Expand Parent Network for public education 10,000
LOGO Comfort Cub 2018-07-10 LOI#18-156 Support comfort cub trauma relief program 10,000
LOGO Courtneys Courage 2018-07-03 LOI#18-155 Pediatric neuroblastoma cancer research 50,000
LOGO Family Hope 2018-05-09 LOI#18-122 New Alumni center to expand mental health services 25,000
LOGO Friendship Club 2018-06-12 LOI#18-142 Renovation project to add a kitchen 40,000
LOGO Fristers 2018-04-25 LOI#18-114 Early childhood program for pre-K children 15,000
LOGO G E M Environmental NFP 2018-06-11 LOI#18-141 Expand prog thru purchase of mobile and GPS units 27,000
LOGO Girls Rule Foundation 2018-06-14 LOI#18-146 Empowerment and leadership prog for girls 12-18 25,000
LOGO Gooden Center 2018-06-25 LOI#18-151 Purchase 6-passenger vehicle for client transport 30,000
LOGO Health World Education 2018-06-04 LOI#18-134 School based digital opioid prevention educ prog 50,000
LOGO Healthy Smiles For Kids Of Orange County 2018-07-20 LOI#18-162 Support Teledentistry Program 20,000
LOGO Helping Hands Of Vegas Valley 2018-06-12 LOI#18-144 Upgrade food storage and delivery capacities 34,000
LOGO Homeless Not Toothless 2018-05-03 LOI#18-120 Free dental care for homeless veterans 10,000
LOGO Kids and Horses 2018-05-15 LOI#18-126 Therapeutic riding prog for 19 special needs kids 27,000
LOGO Kings Community Action Organization 2018-04-23 LOI#18-113 Repair damage to Shelter grounds 87,000
LOGO Kipp San Diego 2018-05-29 LOI#18-129 College application program for at-risk youth 35,000
LOGO Leahs Pantry 2018-05-14 LOI#18-125 Resilience and skill-building nutrition program 50,000
LOGO Lend A Hand Of Boulder City 2018-05-09 LOI#18-121 Transportation and in-home services for homebound 35,000
LOGO Mesa United Way 2018-05-11 LOI#18-123 Expand literacy tutoring program to 3 schools 60,000
LOGO Military Assistance Mission 2018-06-01 LOI#18-133 Back to school supplies for military children 20,000
LOGO Mitchell Swaback Charities 2018-07-03 LOI#18-154 Emerg physical items and upgrade vol mgt software 25,000
LOGO Nevada Diabetes Association 2018-04-20 LOI#18-111 Emergency diabetic supplies 15,000
LOGO North Coast Resource Conservation and Development 2018-06-07 LOI#18-139 Bee Patches environmental educ program for girls 35,000
LOGO Orange County Rescue Mission 2018-07-19 LOI#18-161 Parent and Child Enrichment Ctr-homeless families 10,000
LOGO People Who Care 2018-06-18 LOI#18-149 Outreach programs for homebound individuals 20,000
LOGO Positive Resource Center 2018-06-08 LOI#18-140 Establish consolidated svc ctr for people in need 75,000
LOGO R U H S Foundation 2018-04-20 LOI#18-110 Expand treatment center for child abuse victims 100,000
LOGO Read Better Be Better 2018-05-02 LOI#18-117 Expand literacy program to 3 additional schools 86,000
LOGO Read To Me Project 2018-06-06 LOI#18-136 Expand sibling to sibling literacy program 35,000
LOGO Senior Advocates Of The Desert 2018-06-12 LOI#18-143 Expand Benefits Assistance Outreach program 15,000
LOGO Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center 2018-06-05 LOI#18-135 Initiate universal screening in elementary schools 100,000
LOGO St Annes Maternity Home 2018-06-06 LOI#18-137 Support for early childhood education program 25,000
LOGO Tahoe Rim Trail Association 2018-05-23 LOI#18-128 Outdoor Youth Backcounty Camp for children 5,000
LOGO Talk About Curing Autism 2018-04-23 LOI#18-112 Expand So CA autism education and prog initiatives 25,000
LOGO Therapeutic Riding of Tucson 2018-06-14 LOI#18-145 Updated access and mobile mounting block system 18,000
LOGO Tigermountain Foundation 2018-05-31 LOI#18-132 Expand landscape on the job development program 36,000
LOGO United Way Of Northern California 2018-05-30 LOI#18-130 Expand volunteer income tax assistance program 10,000
LOGO Veterans Path 2018-06-14 LOI#18-147 4 month support program for female veterans 30,000
LOGO Volunteers in Medicine San Francisco 2018-04-30 LOI#18-115 Health coaching prog for chronically ill patients 30,000
LOGO Wesley House Student Residence 2018-05-30 LOI#18-131 Affordable housing for college students in need 10,000
LOGO Wild at Heart 2018-07-11 LOI#18-157 Support burrowing owl habitat and relocation prog 2,000
LOGO Yavapai Regional Medical Center 2018-05-02 LOI#18-118 Support for Patient Blood Management program 10,000
LOGO Youth On Their Own 2018-07-19 LOI#18-160 Monthly stipends for homeless high school students 75,000