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LOIs Current

These organizations have submitted Letters of Intent within the last 3 months for the purpose and amount shown.
as of 2017-08-22
PURPOSE Color Coding: Services Research Education Operation Salaries Building Equipment Food Repairs Scholarships Supplies Transportation WebApp

STATUS Color Coding: Approved Declined Incomplete

Website Organization Status Document Purpose Amount
LOGO 100 Club Of Arizona 2017-05-24 LOI#17-136 Peer 100 - Suicide educ for public safety officers 10,000
LOGO A Place Called Home 2017-06-15 LOI#17-152 Counseling program for underserved individuals 50,000
LOGO Adventist Health Simi Valley 2017-07-17 LOI#17-171 Cancer Fit prgm for 180 cancer recovery patients 50,000
LOGO Affordable Housing Clearinghouse 2017-05-22 LOI#17-132 Affordable housing needs of homeless veterans 500,000
LOGO American Academy Of Pediatrics California Chapter 3 2017-06-20 LOI#17-154 Reach Out and Read San Diego program 15,000
LOGO American Center For Educational Opportunities 2017-07-13 LOI#17-169 Green Cactus and Grandparents as Parents projects 32,000
LOGO Aspire Creative Arts Program 2017-07-18 LOI#17-174 Arts-based education for adults with disabilities 50,000
LOGO Atherton Baptist Homes 2017-06-20 LOI#17-155 Nursing stations, day and activity room renovation 30,000
LOGO Beloved Ones 2017-08-03 LOI#17-187 Health and physical educ for underserved youth 100,000
LOGO Boys And Girls Clubs of La Habra 2017-08-17 LOI#17-196 Open new site at El Portal School 50,000
LOGO Boys And Girls Clubs Of Napa Valley 2017-05-26 LOI#17-137 Furniture and equipment for new Clubhouse 40,000
LOGO Brain Rehabilitation And Injury Network 2017-06-21 LOI#17-158 Update computers, software and audio visual equip 25,000
LOGO Catholic Charities Community Services 2017-08-07 LOI#17-190 New 70-bed transitional housing facility for vets 250,000
LOGO Central Arizona Dental Society Foundation 2017-06-08 LOI#17-147 Full dentures for 200 Veterans 80,000
LOGO Chicanos Por La Causa Nevada 2017-08-02 LOI#17-185 Parent management skills training program 85,000
LOGO Child Advocates of Silicon Valley 2017-06-07 LOI#17-146 Emotional and academic support for foster teens 10,000
LOGO Designing A Difference 2017-06-26 LOI#17-160 Equipment for workforce training center 39,440
LOGO Destiny Community Services 2017-05-31 LOI#17-140 Expand number of programs and workshops 28,000
LOGO Dreams For Schools 2017-07-10 LOI#17-167 Expand AppJam program to 2 locations 15,000
LOGO Duet Partners In Health and Aging 2017-08-16 LOI#17-195 Expand support services for family caregivers 40,000
LOGO EduCare Foundation 2017-07-19 LOI#17-176 Achievement and Commitment to Excellence School 75,000
LOGO Esqalate 2017-06-06 LOI#17-145 Support Proboknow community outreach efforts 100,000
LOGO Families Forward 2017-06-09 LOI#17-149 Housing resource assistance for homeless families 50,000
LOGO Family Service Association Of Redlands 2017-06-14 LOI#17-151 Assist families in a housing crisis 10,000
LOGO Filipino American Symphony Orchestra 2017-08-10 LOI#17-193 Musical Bridges Summer Music Camp 5,000
LOGO Franciscan Renewal Center 2017-07-25 LOI#17-180 New Conference Center available to nonprofit orgs 250,000
LOGO Girls Incorporated Of Orange County 2017-08-02 LOI#17-184 Literacy Lab program for 120 girls at 3 schools 10,000
LOGO Hope Hospice 2017-05-30 LOI#17-138 Launch 3-component Dementia Care Services Program 15,000
LOGO Keaton Raphael Memorial 2017-07-17 LOI#17-173 Expand Family Navigator Program 35,000
LOGO Kids Community Clinic Of Burbank 2017-05-23 LOI#17-135 Expand dental program into new school district 25,000
LOGO LAGS Recovery Centers 2017-06-01 LOI#17-141 Substance abuse and mental health treatment 50,000
LOGO Lions Eye Foundation of California Nevada 2017-08-02 LOI#17-186 Lions Eye Clinic serving disadvantaged people 25,000
LOGO LIV You 2017-05-22 LOI#17-133 Establish health initiative program for women 50,000
LOGO Marin Senior Coordinating Council 2017-06-23 LOI#17-159 Non-emergency medical transportation for elderly 50,000
LOGO Methodist Hospital Foundation 2017-07-25 LOI#17-179 Install new Spec/CT Nuclear Med Dual-Head Camera 75,000
LOGO Mission of Mercy 2017-06-06 LOI#17-144 Support expansion of Community Connections Program 50,000
LOGO National University 2017-06-20 LOI#17-156 Purchase a Laerdal SimMan ALS for nursing courses 38,000
LOGO Not My Kid 2017-06-27 LOI#17-161 Suicide prevention education for youth 25,000
LOGO OPARC 2017-07-27 LOI#17-181 Support Disabled Youth Employment Program 50,000
LOGO Open Hearts 2017-06-20 LOI#17-153 Social skills development for autistic youth 10,000
LOGO Promises2kids Foundation 2017-07-20 LOI#17-177 Improve post-secondary outcomes for foster youth 10,000
LOGO Purple Mountain Institute 2017-07-25 LOI#17-178 New Mindfulness in a Round Pen Prgm for Veterans 100,000
LOGO Raising Youth Resilience 2017-06-13 LOI#17-150 Support for in-school mentoring program 50,000
LOGO Social Advocates for Youth San Diego 2017-08-07 LOI#17-189 Develop and pilot test Social Benefit Preschool 50,000
LOGO Sojourner Center 2017-06-05 LOI#17-142 Support for Child Development Center at shelter 50,000
LOGO Soldiers Project 2017-08-07 LOI#17-188 Field supervision for mental health counseling 50,000
LOGO Southern Sudanese Community Center Of San Diego 2017-08-15 LOI#17-194 Support community youth and adult services 50,000
LOGO St Joseph Hospital 2017-08-08 LOI#17-192 New program to address area phsyician shortage 100,000
LOGO St Jude Medical Center 2017-07-07 LOI#17-166 Purchase one digital breast tomosynthesis units 600,000
LOGO Step Up On Second 2017-08-08 LOI#17-191 Job skills trng program for transitional age youth 50,000
LOGO Straight Talk Clinic 2017-06-08 LOI#17-148 Mental healthcare services for low-income people 50,000
LOGO Taller San Jose Hope Builders 2017-06-21 LOI#17-157 Hope Builders construction training program 30,000
LOGO Teen Kitchen Project 2017-07-17 LOI#17-170 Free or low-cost meal delivery for ill people 5,000
LOGO Teen Success 2017-06-30 LOI#17-164 New teen mother support program model 50,000
LOGO Thorn 2017-06-27 LOI#17-162 Support for technical innovation lab 500,000
LOGO Tri State Community Healthcare Center 2017-08-18 LOI#17-197 Expand primary and preventative health services 25,000
LOGO Tu Nidito Children and Family Services 2017-08-01 LOI#17-182 Child-centered bereavement support program 10,000
LOGO Valley of the Sun YMCA 2017-08-02 LOI#17-183 Outreach Program for Ahwatukee Seniors 25,000
LOGO Village Method 2017-05-30 LOI#17-139 Afterschool, family and community engagement prgm 15,000
LOGO Vista Community Clinic 2017-07-18 LOI#17-175 Medical Assistant Training Program Advisor 48,000
LOGO Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada 2017-05-22 LOI#17-134 Expand support for pediatric patients 50,000
LOGO West Yavapai Guidance Clinic 2017-06-05 LOI#17-143 Support for Crisis Stabilization Unit 50,000
LOGO Western University of Health Sciences 2017-07-13 LOI#17-168 Oral health care for patients 25,000
LOGO Wide Spectrum Of Exposure 2017-07-06 LOI#17-165 Adult reading and math classes and youth mentoring 5,000
LOGO Wills Hope Charity 2017-06-29 LOI#17-163 Support for children with medical complexity 10,000
LOGO Yavapai Casa For Kids Foundation 2017-07-17 LOI#17-172 Supplement clothing program for older youth 9,880