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LOIs Current

These organizations have submitted Letters of Intent within the last 3 months for the purpose and amount shown.
as of 2017-06-22
PURPOSE Color Coding: Services Research Education Operation Salaries Building Equipment Food Repairs Scholarships Supplies Transportation WebApp

STATUS Color Coding: Approved Declined Incomplete

Website Organization Status Document Purpose Amount
LOGO 100 Club Of Arizona 2017-05-24 LOI#17-136 Peer 100 - Suicide educ for public safety officers 10,000
LOGO A Place Called Home 2017-06-15 LOI#17-152 Counseling program for underserved individuals 50,000
LOGO Access OC Southern California 2017-04-05 LOI#17-090 Outpatient Surgery Program - care coordination 75,000
LOGO Affordable Housing Clearinghouse 2017-05-22 LOI#17-132 Affordable housing needs of homeless veterans 500,000
LOGO Alliance For A Healthier Generation 2017-05-03 LOI#17-115 HOST Initiative in Maricopa County 40,000
LOGO Alum Rock Counseling Center 2017-04-24 LOI#17-106 Academic and emotional support for at-risk youth 10,000
LOGO American Academy Of Pediatrics California Chapter 3 2017-06-20 LOI#17-154 Reach Out and Read San Diego program 15,000
LOGO American Family Housing 2017-04-03 LOI#17-086 Homes of Steel for the Brave of Heart Campaign 1,000,000
LOGO Arizona Career Pathways 2017-04-07 LOI#17-092 Expand healthcare training and qualification prgm 50,000
LOGO Arizona Division Midwest Food Bank 2017-04-19 LOI#17-100 Provide nutritious food to low-income people 50,000
LOGO Atherton Baptist Homes 2017-06-20 LOI#17-155 Nursing stations, day and activity room renovation 30,000
LOGO Aurelia Foundation 2017-04-14 LOI#17-097 Purchase van for client transportation 25,000
LOGO Boys And Girls Clubs Of Napa Valley 2017-05-26 LOI#17-137 Furniture and equipment for new Clubhouse 40,000
LOGO Brain Rehabilitation And Injury Network 2017-06-21 LOI#17-158 Update computers, software and audio visual equip 25,000
LOGO Breathe California Of The Bay Area 2017-04-18 LOI#17-098 Sleep apnea education and screening program 50,000
LOGO California Institute of Technology 2017-05-12 LOI#17-124 Develop Smart Temperature-Responsive Patches 250,000
LOGO CASA of Del Norte 2017-03-23 LOI#17-081 Support Native American Initiative 65,000
LOGO Central Arizona Dental Society Foundation 2017-06-08 LOI#17-147 Full dentures for 200 Veterans 80,000
LOGO Child Advocates of Silicon Valley 2017-06-07 LOI#17-146 Emotional and academic support for foster teens 10,000
LOGO Childrens Bureau 2017-05-09 LOI#17-122 Child development intervention program 75,000
LOGO Circle the City 2017-04-20 LOI#17-101 Medical respite care for uninsured 75,000
LOGO Cochise College 2017-04-11 LOI#17-095 Respiratory equipment for training program 147,000
LOGO Community Support Network 2017-04-25 LOI#17-108 Support for transitional age youth housing program 20,000
LOGO Designing A Difference 2017-04-26 LOI#17-109 Equipment for Workforce Training Center 39,440
LOGO Destiny Community Services 2017-05-31 LOI#17-140 Expand number of programs and workshops 28,000
LOGO Elizabeth House 2017-03-22 LOI#17-079 Wellness program for homeless mothers and children 50,000
LOGO Esqalate 2017-06-06 LOI#17-145 Support Proboknow community outreach efforts 100,000
LOGO Families Forward 2017-06-09 LOI#17-149 Housing resource assistance for homeless families 50,000
LOGO Family Service Association Of Redlands 2017-06-14 LOI#17-151 Assist families in a housing crisis 10,000
LOGO Father Joes Villages 2017-05-19 LOI#17-131 Support for Therapeutic Childcare Program 20,000
LOGO Flagstaff Family Food Center 2017-04-03 LOI#17-087 Refrigerated truck for Grocery rescue program 50,000
LOGO Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center 2017-04-10 LOI#17-094 Purchase implant starter kit 15,000
LOGO Grandmas House Of Hope 2017-04-03 LOI#17-083 Distribute healthy food to homeless children 40,000
LOGO Grants for Veterans 2017-05-18 LOI#17-127 Extended healthcare and educ for Homeless Vets 75,000
LOGO Groceryships 2017-05-03 LOI#17-114 Nutrition education, economic/emotional support 25,000
LOGO Healthy Smiles For Kids Of Orange County 2017-05-18 LOI#17-128 Expand youth Smiles X-Press Teledentistry Program 20,000
LOGO Heart of Los Angeles Youth 2017-04-24 LOI#17-104 SmartStart Early Education Program 15,000
LOGO HFH of San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys 2017-05-17 LOI#17-126 Enrichment svcs for low-income military children 25,000
LOGO Hope Hospice 2017-05-30 LOI#17-138 Launch 3-component Dementia Care Services Program 15,000
LOGO I A Veterans Transition Trainings 2017-04-03 LOI#17-085 Support veteran outreach and facilitator program 5,000
LOGO Inspire Life Skills Training 2017-04-04 LOI#17-088 Inspiring Hope Program for former foster youth 25,000
LOGO Institute On Aging 2017-05-19 LOI#17-130 Provide mental health services to homebound elders 25,000
LOGO Junior Blind of America 2017-03-23 LOI#17-082 Early Intervention Services for visually impaired 25,000
LOGO Kids Community Clinic Of Burbank 2017-05-23 LOI#17-135 Expand dental program into new school district 25,000
LOGO LAGS Recovery Centers 2017-06-01 LOI#17-141 Substance abuse and mental health treatment 50,000
LOGO Laguna Beach Community Clinic 2017-04-04 LOI#17-089 Comprehensive Care for Women Program 20,000
LOGO LIV You 2017-05-22 LOI#17-133 Establish health initiative program for women 50,000
LOGO Martin Art Center 2017-05-15 LOI#17-125 Expand STEAM services for childrens education ctr 35,000
LOGO Mission of Mercy 2017-06-06 LOI#17-144 Support expansion of Community Connections Program 50,000
LOGO National University 2017-06-20 LOI#17-156 Purchase a Laerdal SimMan ALS for nursing courses 38,000
LOGO Ohlhoff Recovery Programs 2017-05-05 LOI#17-119 Teen Intervene program for underserved youth 10,000
LOGO Open Hearts 2017-06-20 LOI#17-153 Social skills development for autistic youth 10,000
LOGO Orange County Rescue Mission 2017-05-01 LOI#17-111 Replace roof at House Of Hope site 33,000
LOGO Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact 2017-04-28 LOI#17-110 High Impact Prog and anti bullying tool-kits 25,000
LOGO Project Hope Alliance 2017-03-23 LOI#17-080 Youth education programs - K through high school 100,000
LOGO Raising Youth Resilience 2017-06-13 LOI#17-150 Support for in-school mentoring program 50,000
LOGO Robby Poblete Foundation 2017-04-19 LOI#17-099 Art of Peace and Vocational Skills Programs 20,000
LOGO Ryans Reach 2017-04-21 LOI#17-103 Expand outreach to TBI survivors and families 1,000,000
LOGO Sea and Sage Audubon Society 2017-04-24 LOI#17-105 Outdoor Adventures science discovery program 10,000
LOGO Sojourner Center 2017-06-05 LOI#17-142 Support for Child Development Center at shelter 50,000
LOGO South County Outreach 2017-04-10 LOI#17-093 Support Back to Work for Women Program 50,000
LOGO Southwest College Of Naturopathic Medicine And Healt 2017-05-08 LOI#17-121 Konica Minolta SONIMAGE HS1 ultrasound equipment 31,500
LOGO St Francis Medical Center 2017-05-04 LOI#17-117 C-Arm X-ray equipment for operating room 25,000
LOGO St Helena Hospital 2017-04-06 LOI#17-091 ICU Transesophageal echocardiography technology 30,000
LOGO St John Bosco High School 2017-03-22 LOI#17-078 Technology upgrades for integrated classrooms 40,000
LOGO St Josephs Hospital and Medical Center 2017-04-25 LOI#17-107 Create multi-functioning Medical Education Center 1,200,000
LOGO Straight Talk Clinic 2017-06-08 LOI#17-148 Mental healthcare services for low-income people 50,000
LOGO Taller San Jose Hope Builders 2017-06-21 LOI#17-157 Hope Builders construction training program 30,000
LOGO Teen Addiction Anonymous 2017-05-04 LOI#17-116 Online MPOWRD Leadership and Prevention Program 455,000
LOGO Upward for Children and Families 2017-05-19 LOI#17-129 Expand Lifting Children UPWARD Nursing Program 50,000
LOGO Valley Beit Midrash 2017-05-08 LOI#17-120 Revamp social entrepreneurship incubator program 42,250
LOGO Village Method 2017-05-30 LOI#17-139 Afterschool, family and community engagement prgm 15,000
LOGO Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada 2017-05-22 LOI#17-134 Expand support for pediatric patients 50,000
LOGO Volunteers in Medicine San Francisco 2017-04-21 LOI#17-102 Expand Womens Health Program 30,000
LOGO Wellness Within 2017-04-11 LOI#17-096 Support for Meditation and Mindfulness Program 10,000
LOGO West Yavapai Guidance Clinic 2017-06-05 LOI#17-143 Support for Crisis Stabilization Unit 50,000
LOGO Wilshire Community Services 2017-05-03 LOI#17-113 Recruit and Train Volunteers for Good Neighbor Pgm 5,000
LOGO Wooden Floor for Youth Movement 2017-04-03 LOI#17-084 Academic, college and career readiness programs 10,000
LOGO Young Lives Redeemed 2017-05-03 LOI#17-112 Wellness program for transitional age youth 20,000
LOGO Youth Homes 2017-05-09 LOI#17-123 Implement Electronic Health Records System 65,000
LOGO Youth On Their Own 2017-05-04 LOI#17-118 Monthly stipends for homeless high school students 75,000