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LOIs Current

These organizations have submitted Letters of Intent within the last 3 months for the purpose and amount shown.
as of 2018-03-22
PURPOSE Color Coding: Services Research Education Operation Salaries Building Equipment Food Repairs Scholarships Supplies Transportation WebApp

STATUS Color Coding: Approved Declined Incomplete

Website Organization Status Document Purpose Amount
LOGO A New Leaf 2018-02-12 LOI#18-041 Reno and equip 2 exam rooms for pediactric med ofc 75,000
LOGO All About Animals Rescue 2018-03-20 LOI#18-087 Expand maternity ward program by 250 canines 10,000
LOGO Alliance of Arizona NonProfits 2018-02-26 LOI#18-058 Underwrite costs of running Arizona Gives Day 20,000
LOGO Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association 2018-03-16 LOI#18-081 Support equipment loan closet for ALS patients 75,000
LOGO Angels Foster Care Of Santa Barbara 2018-02-14 LOI#18-045 Recruit, train and support for Angels Parent Prog 10,000
LOGO Arizona Center for Youth Resources 2018-01-25 LOI#18-025 Pathways to careers project for 240 youth 50,000
LOGO Aspiranet 2018-01-31 LOI#18-028 Support tutoring program for 3,500 K-3 students 10,000
LOGO ASU Foundation 2018-02-15 LOI#18-047 Prevention and intervention services for youth 1,890,000
LOGO Barlow Foundation 2018-03-22 LOI#18-094 Buy C-Arm OEC 990 elite digital mobile imaging sys 50,000
LOGO Beautiful Minds Wellness 2018-01-10 LOI#18-017 Intensive outpatient program for people in need 30,000
LOGO Bens Bells 2018-01-02 LOI#18-001 Support Kind Kids Campus program 45,000
LOGO Berkeley Youth Alternatives 2018-03-21 LOI#18-090 Career Pathways educ and HS diploma completion svc 75,000
LOGO Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson 2018-01-29 LOI#18-027 Expand mentoring program for high school students 50,000
LOGO Boy Scouts of America Western LA County Council 2018-02-14 LOI#18-046 Expand prog to welcome girls into Cub Scouts 100,000
LOGO BreastfeedLA 2018-02-12 LOI#18-042 Breastfeeding support program in 2 NICUs 50,000
LOGO Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship 2018-01-10 LOI#18-016 Scholarship for therapeutic horsemanship students 10,000
LOGO Care Fund 2018-02-28 LOI#18-061 Emergency housing grants for parents of sick child 50,000
LOGO Casa de los Ninos 2018-02-23 LOI#18-052 Renovate bldg for child care and early educ center 500,000
LOGO Center Against Sexual Assault 2018-03-21 LOI#18-092 Support sexual abuse and human trafficking victims 25,000
LOGO Classics for Kids 2018-02-15 LOI#18-048 Symphony orchestra education prog for students 10,000
LOGO Club for Youth 2018-03-21 LOI#18-091 Add staff in order to serve more youth 35,000
LOGO Coachella Valley Autism Society of America 2018-01-09 LOI#18-014 External evaluation of three offered programs 8,300
LOGO Coconino Community College Foundation 2018-02-26 LOI#18-056 3 cardiac monitor/defibrillators for nursing prgm 120,000
LOGO CORA Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse 2018-02-22 LOI#18-051 Childrens program for youth impacted by abuse 20,000
LOGO F I I National 2018-03-16 LOI#18-083 Support UpTogether program for families in poverty 200,000
LOGO Family Health Centers of San Diego 2018-03-16 LOI#18-082 Chronic Care Mgt pilot program for older adults 50,000
LOGO Feeding Matters 2018-01-09 LOI#18-013 Feeding advocacy and early intervention for youth 50,000
LOGO Foundation For Positively Kids 2018-01-12 LOI#18-018 Autism clinic to focus on child behavioral needs 50,000
LOGO Foundation for Women Warriors 2018-02-12 LOI#18-043 Prof development and mentoring prog for women vets 30,000
LOGO Fresh Start Surgical Gifts 2018-02-23 LOI#18-055 Fund surgery weekend cycle 50,000
LOGO Fulfillment Fund 2018-03-06 LOI#18-071 Digital learning and college access program 50,000
LOGO Generation Justice 2018-01-09 LOI#18-012 Program to expedite placement of foster children 50,000
LOGO Girls Incorporated Of Alameda County 2018-03-06 LOI#18-069 Teen achievement program for 150 girls grades 8-12 30,000
LOGO Habitat for Humanity East Bay Silicon Valley 2018-01-19 LOI#18-022 Support new Walnut Creek housing site 10,000
LOGO High School Academies Foundation 2018-01-02 LOI#18-005 Leadership camp for at-risk students 15,000
LOGO Homeward Bound 2018-02-07 LOI#18-038 Whole Child Development program 25,000
LOGO Hope Services 2018-03-14 LOI#18-080 Bridge program - day service for youth with autism 50,000
LOGO I C E C 2018-01-03 LOI#18-008 Purchase therapeutic equipment 12,790
LOGO Jerry Ambrose Veterans Council 2018-03-20 LOI#18-089 Roof repair-transitional housing for homeless vets 45,000
LOGO Jodi House 2018-02-20 LOI#18-050 Brain injury support program 25,000
LOGO Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 2018-01-04 LOI#18-009 Outreach programs for newly diagnosed families 40,000
LOGO La Clinica De La Raza 2018-03-12 LOI#18-079 Purchase complete equipment for 1 dental operatory 50,000
LOGO Las Vegas Natural History Museum 2018-02-05 LOI#18-035 Open Door field trip program 10,000
LOGO LTSC Community Development 2018-02-19 LOI#18-049 Increase child abuse and neglect program services 10,000
LOGO M O R I A H 2018-03-08 LOI#18-073 Hire more communications experts to expand service 40,000
LOGO Make Way For Books 2018-03-09 LOI#18-077 Support two generation family learning program 62,500
LOGO Marshall B Ketchum University 2018-02-09 LOI#18-040 Expand capabilities of simulation lab 230,000
LOGO Maryvale Preparatory Academy 2018-02-23 LOI#18-053 Equip teaching and targeted tutoring computer lab 37,000
LOGO MEND Meet Each Need With Dignity 2018-03-09 LOI#18-075 Medical and Vision Clinics 50,000
LOGO Mercy Foundation Bakersfield 2018-01-02 LOI#18-004 Help purchase vehicle for delivery of services 25,000
LOGO Muscular Dystrophy Association Arizona 2018-03-19 LOI#18-086 Care centers for pts with neuromuscular disease 25,000
LOGO National Multiple Sclerosis Society 2018-03-08 LOI#18-074 Support Breakthrough MS research campaign 30,000
LOGO North County Health Services 2018-03-09 LOI#18-076 Relocate and renovate new Ramona Health Center 25,000
LOGO Northbridge College Success Program 2018-03-05 LOI#18-067 Increase college retention and completion rates 50,000
LOGO Obria Medical Clinics of Southern California 2018-02-01 LOI#18-030 Trauma-informed prenatal care program 50,000
LOGO Optimist Youth Homes and Family Services 2018-01-02 LOI#18-003 Wraparound Program to address mental health needs 25,000
LOGO Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center 2018-03-01 LOI#18-064 In home family services program 10,000
LOGO Orange County United Way 2018-03-09 LOI#18-078 Youth Career Connections program 50,000
LOGO Osborn School District 2018-02-27 LOI#18-060 Encanto Mosaic Beautification Project 3,000
LOGO Parents Helping Parents 2018-03-19 LOI#18-084 24 Educational Advocacy workshops for parents 85,000
LOGO Pediatric Therapy Network 2018-01-17 LOI#18-020 Expand remote telehealth therapy program 33,860
LOGO People Concern 2018-01-08 LOI#18-011 Program to educate youth about violence and abuse 10,000
LOGO Phoenix Childrens Chorus 2018-02-02 LOI#18-031 Annual music camp for 400 children 7,000
LOGO Phoenix Theatre 2018-02-09 LOI#18-039 Theatrical program for children in hospitals 30,000
LOGO Positive Action Community Theatre 2018-03-06 LOI#18-070 Performing arts for autism program 5,000
LOGO PowerSource Tucson 2018-02-06 LOI#18-036 Bridging the gap program for women with HIV 20,000
LOGO Project Imagine Las Vegas 2018-01-31 LOI#18-029 Art in Medicine program expansion 11,000
LOGO Project Open Hand 2018-01-02 LOI#18-002 Expand nutrition svcs for people with illnesses 50,000
LOGO Purple Ribbon Council 2018-01-29 LOI#18-026 Personal violence prevention program for teens 48,293
LOGO Rainbow Acres 2018-03-06 LOI#18-068 Vocational trng prog for adults with disabilities 40,000
LOGO Reading Legacies 2018-02-23 LOI#18-054 Expand Family Connections re-entry prgm to 2 sites 25,000
LOGO River Of Dreams 2018-01-02 LOI#18-006 Healthy Day program for adults with disabilities 25,000
LOGO San Mateo County Health Foundation 2018-03-01 LOI#18-062 Developmental screening program for youth age 0-5 40,000
LOGO School Aged Gap Elimination Initiative 2018-01-09 LOI#18-015 Support construction of new free dental clinic 20,000
LOGO Seed Spot 2018-01-04 LOI#18-010 Expand youth social entrepreneur education program 50,000
LOGO SLO Noor Foundation 2018-01-19 LOI#18-021 Expansion of med, vision, and dental service days 100,000
LOGO South Central Family Health Center 2018-02-26 LOI#18-059 Provide primary care and preventative health svcs 20,000
LOGO Southern California Medical Center 2018-01-02 LOI#18-007 Implement Pico Rivera dental expansion project 20,000
LOGO Sun Cities Area Historical Society 2018-01-16 LOI#18-019 Building expansion project 80,000
LOGO Sunnyside Unified School District Foundation 2018-02-05 LOI#18-033 STEM Robotics classes in middle schools 50,000
LOGO Tucson Medical Center Foundation 2018-02-05 LOI#18-032 Expand NICU and development of Small Baby Unit 250,000
LOGO Unbridled Blessings Equestrian Therapy and Ranch 2018-01-23 LOI#18-024 Help build covered horse arena and tack room 47,000
LOGO United Cerebral Palsy Of San Luis Obispo County 2018-02-26 LOI#18-057 Expand agricultural work program 3,500
LOGO University of Arizona Foundation 2018-02-05 LOI#18-034 Develop pilot primary care scribe program 500,000
LOGO University of Nevada Las Vegas Foundation 2018-02-07 LOI#18-037 Expand Postdoctoral Fellowship program 100,000
LOGO University of Southern California 2018-03-07 LOI#18-072 Develop materials for conversion of solar energy 150,000
LOGO Valley Of The Sun United Way 2018-03-20 LOI#18-088 Expand online tutoring prog for K-3 grade students 70,000
LOGO Valley Restart Shelter 2018-03-22 LOI#18-093 Support for homeless shelter 25,000
LOGO Verde Valley Imagination Library 2018-01-22 LOI#18-023 Expand Imagination Library svcs to 2,000 children 20,000
LOGO VerdeCares 2018-03-22 LOI#18-095 Support providing meals to homebound people 5,000
LOGO Voices for CASA Children 2018-03-19 LOI#18-085 Essential Needs prog for children in foster care 16,000
LOGO Washington Hospital Healthcare Foundation 2018-03-01 LOI#18-066 Equip 2 resuscitation rooms in critical care 500,000
LOGO Watts Healthcare Corporation 2018-03-01 LOI#18-065 Refurbish mobile pediatric dental unit 75,000
LOGO Wilderness Youth Project 2018-02-13 LOI#18-044 Mentorship in nature program for 95 students 47,500
LOGO Winged Hope Family Advocacy Foundation 2018-03-01 LOI#18-063 Expand direct victim services program 50,000