Ideal Characteristics

Has current IRS qualifying documentation
Operates primarily in Arizona, California, or Nevada
Has a track record of success with proven results
Has less total assets than our Foundation
Promotes volunteerism and its benefits
Is accountable, responsible, well organized as evidenced by reporting
Keeps administrative costs to a minimum
Demonstrates committed leadership through donated time, etc.
Has a website that offers current, useful information
An ideal PROGRAM
Truly fits the mission, vision and values of the Del E. Webb Foundation
Does not request amount that is a drop in the bucket compared to total cost
Has Long Term Benefit for a large number of people
Needs our funds and the provided service is not duplicated elsewhere
Is different from, or better than, similar programs
Is or can be self-sustaining
Will truly make a significant difference
Is a discrete project with all costs specifically identified
Has attainable and measurable goals
Breaks a negative cycle or changes unproductive behavior
Is all-inclusive of populations regardless of age, race, religion, background
Provides services for free or at minimal cost
Provides opportunity for recipients to give back to the program
Can track success through follow-up reporting
Has a feedback loop to continually correct and improve
Uses innovative, current technology, or is well structured
Provides education useful in the job market
Takes succession, cross training and backup into account
Has a clear and concise program description
Has clearly defined goal
Spells out who will benefit and how
Specifically details use of funds
Documents past performance and current activities
Clearly shows our guidelines are followed
Has complete and accurate contact information
Has complete and current financial records
Is submitted correctly, prior to the deadline